Posted by Antar Oktavianto on Monday, June 3, 2013

This is my first post, soon I will post my font collection that used on Football Jersey from all around  the world.
If I have the complete font, then I will upload it completely. But if I dont have it, it means I will only upload numbers.
I will post the name of fontmaker if i knew it. All fonts that I will post here are belongs to their own copyright. If you find it break their exclusive right then just email me and soon I will remove that font.
Sorry for my bad English.
Antar Oktavianto

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shop Phụ Kiên Thể Thao said...

thanks for sharing!

Juan Martín said...

Hi Antar,
What a great site you developed, thanks for sharing.
Do you have the "ADIDAS12" font? the one Colombia used during the 2013 world cup qualifier?


I am desperately looking for the "FALCAO 9" to get printed on my shirt and I can't find it anywhere.
Thanks again!


thanks very much. :)

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