Manchester United UEFA Champions League 2011 - 2013 Font Number (Vector)

Posted by Antar Oktavianto on Saturday, September 28, 2013

I decided to made this because I cant find these kind of vector file on any website that Ive ever seen. Here I give you Manchester United UEFA Champions League 2013 - 2014 Font Number in vector format for corel draw. Font file will coming soon. FYI I made this in about 3 hours (too long for just 10 vector characters....). If you realize there is a mistake on "9" number, i did only reverse it from "6" numbers without correcting its shadow. My mistake..hehe. Use it for non commercial only, copyright belongs to Nike and MU of course. Feel free to use it 
Preview on Corel Draw 13
Download HERE
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Premier League Font 1990 era - 2014

Posted by Antar Oktavianto on Monday, September 9, 2013

One of the most competitive competition in the world is F. A Premier League. This league use same shirt number for all of the team in main league. They change font number to the newest form since 2008. Here I give you both of them. Feel free to use it and never use it for commercial purpose.

Comparison on real shirt

Download 2008 till now HERE
Download before 2007 HERE

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Barcelona Font 2012 - 2014

Posted by Antar Oktavianto on Thursday, September 5, 2013

And now I'll upload fonts that belong to a club that dominates in almost all european competitions over the last 5 years with their tiki taka. Barcelona FC 2012 - 2014 font. It looks like they will remain great with their Neymar this season. This font has been used last season and will be used again this season.

Download HERE
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Real Madrid Font 2013 - 2014 (updated)

Posted by Antar Oktavianto

Thanks for the attention on Juventus font. I will continue on second font with Juventus' mate on Champions League. Yes Real Madrid. Real Madrid will use this font for this season. Use it for personal only, dont use for commercial purpose and remember you can only use capitalized letter. Oh yeah, and Gareth Bale will use it too. 

Download HERE
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