Borussia Dortmund Font 2014-2015

Posted by Antar Oktavianto on Monday, August 25, 2014

Here I give you all Dortmund Font for this season. It available on home and away jersey font. Borussia Dortmund didnt have a good start this season. They are beaten by Bayer Leverkusen on the opening of Bundesliga. But for me they have prove that money isnt everything in football since theyve beat Muenchen on their previous match. Surely Marco Reus will use this font on his jersey. Feel free to download and use it for non commercial purpose only
Download HERE
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Juventus Font 2014 - 2015 Update

Posted by Antar Oktavianto on Sunday, August 24, 2014

I believe I am the first to remake this version of Juve font update. They changed it because of UEFA's request. Because there is rule that the numbers should be visible from 50 metres away. So Juventus will go back with their traditional black color. It looks really good and classy. Use it for non commercial purpose only. Enjoy
Download HERE
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Real Madrid Font

Posted by Antar Oktavianto on Thursday, August 21, 2014

Here an update, I have Real Madrid 2014-2015 font for all of you. James Rodriguez, Ronaldo, Bale, and other football stars will use this font on their jersey this season. Whatever the club that you support, you have to admit that theyre one of the richest club in this world. No need to buy, no need to register or whatever. Please use this font for non commercial only and pay respect to Adidas and Real Madrid as the owner of this font. Im only reduplicate and do not responsible directly to both of them. Use it wisely. READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT. NO REQUEST PLEASE.
Download HERE
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Liverpool Font 2014-2015 (UCL)

Posted by Antar Oktavianto on Thursday, August 14, 2014

Liverpool finally come back to UEFA after a dramatic last season. This season they will struggle on this competition without their main star, Luis Suarez that moved to Barcelona. This font (both numbers and letters) has same shape that they used on their last Europe competition. Use with your responsibility and credit goes to the original maker. Btw this is my first warrior font on this site. Enjoy
Download HERE
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Arsenal 2014-2015 Font Number

Posted by Antar Oktavianto

One of the best English Premier League teams. Arsenal came with their young guns philosophy. This season they change their apparel sponsor from Nike to Puma. This number font seems modified from Puma World Cup 2014 font. Puma just slice and cut the corners of each character. Here I give you the illustrator, feel free to use it on non commercial purpose. Please dont request for ttf because I wont make it except you contact me personally on my twitter. Enjoy
Download HERE
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